Inspired by all of the beautiful Spring flowers currently blooming and thanks to a recent blog post from Purple Twig called ‘smashed’ – I decided to try out fabric dying with flowers with my Creative Art Play group.

FullSizeRender[1] (2).jpg      FullSizeRender (2)

It was so much fun searching out the varieties of brilliantly colored flowers and leaves with my youngest son – and then taking the time to sit, listen and observe the buzzing bees and butterflies work hard.  It even inspired the butterfly shape of our fabric!


When the Creative Art Play group arrived to see the array of flowers they were curious to find out what was in store – and they were especially excited to  learn that they were going get to use hammers to smash some flower petals and create color!



Some very vibrant and colorful results were instantly revealed with some smashing, and some pretty lovely butterfly wings were the result.

FullSizeRender[2] (2).jpg     IMG_7149.JPG

Prior to today’s class I sewed together some heavy felt and fabric backing, added a stick and suddenly the fabric butterflies came to life.   We jumped outside as soon as we saw the sun and headed to the nearby park to try out our butterflies.  It was pretty great!


FullSizeRender[3].jpg       FullSizeRender[1].jpg

For a full listing of children’s art classes go to: http://www.shantaelsleight.ca


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